Expert Equine Health Solutions in Devon

At Equine Health Specialist, we are dedicated to providing expert tack fitting and sales services for horses in Devon. With over 30 years of riding experience, our team specializes in saddle and bridle fitting, ensuring optimal comfort and performance for your horses. Contact us today for personalized equine health solutions tailored to your horse’s needs.

Expert Tack Fitting and Sales for Happy Horses in Devon

Welcome to Equine Health Specialist, your premier destination for expert Tack Fitting and Sales in Devon. Our commitment to equine wellbeing extends to providing top-notch Saddle and Bridle Fitting services. With over three decades of riding experience, we understand the crucial role that well-fitted tack plays in your horse’s comfort and performance.

Tailored Saddle Fitting Services

Discover the perfect saddle fit with our specialized services. Our Master Saddler, a certified member of the Society of Master Saddlers, ensures that every saddle is meticulously fitted to enhance your horse’s comfort, preventing discomfort and promoting optimal performance.

Precision Bridle Fitting

Trust our journey towards becoming a Master Bridle Fitter, ensuring your horse experiences the utmost comfort and safety. From understanding the nuances of bridle and bit fitting to selecting the right size and configuration, our expertise ensures a harmonious riding experience for both you and your equine companion.

Quality Tack Sales

Explore our curated selection of high-quality tack for sale, including our exclusive line of bridles. Each item is carefully chosen to complement our fitting services, providing horse owners in Devon with reliable and comfortable options to enhance their riding experience.

Upgrade your horse’s comfort with Equine Health Specialist’s expert tack fitting and premium sales selection.